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Content Management

Demonstrates work I’ve done related to content management and execution, design oversight, and film & photo production management.

Print & Web

Video Production Management

Outreach Campaign to promote the lifestyle and practice of physiotherapists in BC’s rural and remote communities. I managed all production logistics on this shoot, including: hiring freelancer, securing subject participation, location scouting and management, shooting schedules and post-production requirements.

Video Production Support

The #PhysioCanHelp campaign highlighted the broad range of conditions physiotherapists can treat, and how physiotherapists empower their patients to take an active role in obtaining optimal health and wellness in their lives. I managed the “behind the scenes” campaign photo shoots during filming.

Two of seven short pieces made for Ramin Eshraghi-Yazdi’s artist residency for Calgary 2012 at the Calgary Olympic Oval. I wrote and secured the grant for this project, and provided production support with locations and setting shooting schedules for all seven films. The rest of the work can be viewed here.